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A wise man ‘The Ambedkar’

A wise man ‘Dr.Bheem Rao Ambedkar’,
Created the Indian Constitution,
World’s longest Constitution,
The father of Indian Constitution.

A great patriot of India,
Firstly and lastly he is an Indian,
Gave the equal rights for Indian ,
Sovernity and Secularism for all.

He was the great scholar,
He was economist,professor,lawyer and politician,
Gave right to each and every Indian for vote,
India became A Republican country .

He was also a social reformer.
He fought for backwardness of the society,
Provided them rights to study,
Abolished descrimination of untouchability among the people.

He is known as the Bodhisattva,
Accepted the path of Gautam Buddha,
He worked for Revival of Buddhism,
Before the death wrote a book ‘Buddha and His Dhamma’.

People call him ‘Baba Saheb’,
He received India’s highest honour ‘Bharat Ratan’,
We should be proud of such a wise man,
Indians are grateful for their contribution.

Written by–
🙏 Buddha Prakash,
Maudaha, Hamirpur (U.P.)

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