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A poor little girl

A little cute girl.
Comes behind me.
Puts forward her hand.
Asks money in bowl.
Curly hair ,looking fair.
Having sweet voice.
She looks clever.
I am not begger!
Love to eat crispy chips.
Give me some favour.
I have not money to order.
People says me poor.
She was looking hungry.
Her eyes seeing me in angry.
Oh! Little girl .
Where is your mother?
You are moving here and there.
No one take care.
Suddenly she started crying.
Huh Huh Huh!
I have no brother.
So I am in trouble.
Okk ! My dear.
Smile but not fear.
Take it and eat.
Enjoy your meal.
Promise me please,
‘You’ll never beg like beggar’.

#Written by-Buddha Prakash

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