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Let’s talk about the journey of life today.
I am going to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

Life is the sum of happiness and sorrow. Some moment there is sorrow and some moment there is happiness. Sometime we are stuck in some problems. So sometimes I get entangled in some things. There is no wisdom in getting entangled with these problems, wisdom is in finding solutions to the problem. Life has to pass through many paths over time.We do not have the right to choose whether there will be flowers or thorns in these paths.
But it is also worth remembering that if we do harm to someone, we may have to walk in a path full of thorns, if we look at the other side of it, then this fact is equally worth considering that if we do someone’s benefit, then flowers should be filled. Will find the way

Life is definitely the name of the sum of happiness and sorrow. If someone is unhappy in the present, then remember that after every darkness there is light, in the same way the clouds of sorrow do not stay for long, after that the arrival of happiness is sure.

The journey of life is not possible in the absence of happiness or sorrow, it is like two sides of the same coin. In the journey of this life, both happiness and sorrow are experienced with time.

When a person is happy, he is surrounded by many people, but when he is in sorrow, he becomes lonely, only a few people are visible around him. This is the harsh truth of life. Sometimes bad times come and put an end to all the pleasures as if a flood has left the entire settlement devastated.
On the other hand, this time changes its turn and fills life with happiness in a single moment.

From this it can be understood that time keeps changing in the journey of life.

The journey of life is difficult for those who are entangled in problems, instead of getting entangled in it, one should try to solve it. Just as a child flying a kite hands over his kite to the wind, similarly we should do our work and hand it over to the Supreme Lord.The child’s attention remains focused on the kite touching the height of the sky, similarly we should concentrate our attention only on the deeds. As soon as the direction of the wind changes, the child pulls the string of the kite, in the same way we start pulling ourselves back when the situation is unfavourable, we do not have to worry in this situation, worrying will not solve the problem….? Rather, we will go on getting more entangled in it. It is good to enjoy life by living it every moment.

“We will live this life sometimes with sorrow and sometimes with happiness.”
Life should be lived with this thought.

The journey of life is sometimes sour, sometimes it is like a sweet fruit and sometimes it becomes a spicy tamarind. When the taste of life is sour, then understand that more efforts are yet to be made and yes… if the taste is sweet, then maintain a simple personality because there is often a possibility of insects in sweet fruits. From this it is understood that life is neither too sour nor too sweet. It is a mixture of these two.

The escalation of problems affects our behavior and body somewhere. If we are unable to cope with it, it can also become the cause of stress and irritability. And if we learn the art of living life then we can control these problems.

Along with this, we have to learn to control the bad thoughts generated in the mind about a person. If bad thoughts do not come, then no one will be able to get bad. This will make others and us also happy.

Wrong behavior with a person can make the journey of life very difficult. And it has also been said that “The deceit done to a gentleman, opens all the paths of our ruin”.

But a good thought about a particular person can also make the journey of life easier.

To live life, one should learn from the birds, they fly high in the sky without unnecessary worries, we also have to fly high in that sky without any worries. As long as this is the journey of life, by becoming a passer-by, enjoying every moment, keep moving forward.

Happiness is in reaching the destination, but if happiness is found in the path leading to the destination, then in reaching the destination, the happiness becomes double.

Experiences have a lot of importance in this journey, it can make our path easy. / Elders have accumulated many experiences by walking on these paths before us. This experience can be achieved by spending a few moments with the elders, this experience can definitely make our journey easier.

There is no harm in making a mistake, a person is a mannequin of mistakes. We cannot learn every lesson by making mistakes ourselves, the journey of life is not so long, some things we have to learn from others also.

Life’s exams are more difficult than school exams. School’s exam first teaches then I take the exam… but life’s exam is not so kind, she takes the exam first and then teaches /…. I too used to be a topper during school days… But in the test of life, the steps often stagger.

One day passed by the school, he asked –
“I used to be very angry with my examination, now what is your condition in the examination of life”

We also said that the situation is bad, man.. There was a good in your examination that you used to take the exam by telling, but this life keeps on facing new examinations every moment without telling. I give exams without preparation… Numbers don’t play any role in this / only pass or fail is just…….. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
School exam could have been avoided… but life, we can’t run away from your exams……

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