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A fairy became a Koel

There was a beautiful children’s park in the town. A few fairies saw this park from the sky and they liked it very much.
They sought their queen’s permission to come to that park and play there. The Queen granted the permission with a condition that they would go there at midnight and leave the park before 5 AM; otherwise, they would turn into Koels for a full day. Those fairies were glad. They would come to the park at midnight, play there the full night, and return home before 5 AM.
One day a fairy named Neelu got tired of playing and laid down on a branch of a tree. She fell into sleep there.
Just before 5’o clock in the morning all fairies, except Neelu left the park and returned home.
Nobody noticed Neelu and she remained sleeping beyond 5’ o clock. When she got up she found that she had become Koel. She felt very angry with her friends and herself but there was no way to escape now. She had to remain as Koel for that day.

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The author is a native of Jhansi(UP). He is an IRS(Rt) and lives in Cochin Kerala.

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