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Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
We rarely get an opportunity to meet with Digital Friends. Our interaction is established with correspondence only. And we can understand them easily. But Vijay ( changed name ) a young, smart, and intelligent man started to follow me in Facebook Group. He used to pass the good comments on my blogs, poems, and stories.
After some days Vijay sent me a friend’s request. I checked his profile thoroughly. I really appreciated his transparency which was shown in his Profile. He was living in New Delhi and working in a certain IT company in NOIDA. I accepted his request and became Digital Friend.
It passed about only two weeks Vijay sent the message in my Timeline,
“ Sir I have started a Group and I am its Admin. Please join .”
Actually, I am completely scared to join any Group. I observed that Admin and Moderator were not much prompt. They might have got several assignments. So they keep our important thing in a pending box. Nepotism is spread everywhere.
I expressed my reluctancy and told Vijay,
“ I would not like to join in any Group. I am well satisfied with my Facebook.
“No sir, we have just started having a few members. And be sure that I will not delay your articles .”—Vijay requested.
Actually, that was the community group where I could exchange our Languages, Culture, Folk song, Art, and Literature. So I joined in that Group and wrote a letter to the Admin also.
But I got a problem with that Group.
“ Vijay! I find a delay in approval for publishing in your Group platform. This group is connected with Art and Literature. But your group is giving place of conflicting political issues .”
I didn’t get any reply.
I overlooked all those discrepancies.
One day Vijay contacted me through Video Call by Messenger and ask,
“ Give me your mobile no. Sometime I will talk .“
I sent my mobile no.
“ I want WhatsApp no .”
I sent both numbers but the way of calling me in Video Chat and demanded my numbers were not within the perimeter of Decency, Discipline, and Decorum. We have the number of seniors but never dare to ask them their numbers. Even though I never called them in Video Chat .
Now Vijay started to disturb me in WhatsApp.
It was his last day when Vijay sent me a PDF. I would have seen it . But he reminded,
Vijay should have told, “ Sir this is PDF for your opinion. you are requested to see it. Thanks!
Enough is enough. I blocked his number. Blocked Facebook, blocked group, and ignored Messenger.
It is very important to be a good Digital Friends otherwise we could miss them easily. SO WE MUST BLOW SMOOTHLY!
Dr. Lakshman Jha “Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
S.P.College Road

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