Dashanan-A philosophy

Dashanan-A philosophy
Dashanan is commonly known as Ravana. His effigy is burnt every year on the tenth day after the winter season Navratras. The fasting is done to purify our body and soul.

But do we really know the science and philosophy behind this fasting days. Often people relate as Start of festivals. We welcome the reaping of crops and to celebrate it. We do fasting to detoxify our body and prepare ourselves for the winters. During winter we prefer staple food. Corn flour,Millets and Barley etc become our daily intakes as they are grown during summer so they have warm impact in them and they provide heat during winters.
Our body gets prepared for the consumption of these cereals.

After nine days of fasting means to kill at least nine vices in us which hinder our character to grow. The tenth day is the day of Victory. It clears our soul from all vices and makes us pure enough to face the life’s challenges. We get energetic. So Dussehra to remove ten bad habits as Kama,Krodh,Greed,Ego,LustProud,theft,Cheating,Lies ,fake character etc. We should throw these away. They have entangled us all around. When you make promise to your Mother Nature(Maa) which directs us to lead a holy and serene life. We have given nine names to our Mother Nature on their virtues,characteristics and qualities. We should mould our life accordingly and try to be a better person.

As per our mythology Ravana was the king of Sri Lanka. He was a learned and powerful king but he was haughty, egoistic and proud. He worshipped Lord Shiva And got his blessings. First he snatched the golden kingdom of his brother Kuber . He then made another mistake of kidnapping Sita wife of Sri Ram. He refused to reach a mutual understanding so he was killed by Sri Ram with all his kind and sons. No one was left alive in his clan .

So we should be proud on our rich heritage and culture that their thinking was so intense that they have given us the minute details to how to lead our life in a healthy way.

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