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Childhood buried under the burden of bags

When I see young children bowing down from the burden of bags to school, I think that the country has become independent, but the Indian psyche is still dependent because the British left India, but parents want their child to be called the top of the CBSE school. Independent India I am fully alive. Seeing the young people, these lines burst out loud —

Today education is swallowing childhood
breaking the back of the burden
why do you torture them
Let it fill now like a deer jumper

A committee of eight members was formed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, which was headed by educationist Prof. Yashpal, its purpose was to study the “school burden”. What is worse is that they do not understand that burden.

In an age of fussy, diabolical, a load of books is thrown upon them. The lonelyness, trepidation and fear of a childlike mind can be seen in this report. Suggestions were also given in the report but all those suggestions were not honestly accepted by the government.

Even the parents are no less responsible for the burden on their children. Parents want to be the toppers in the class, so in the age of sports, children are under the burden of bags, often fighting a war with books to get good marks from the second or third grade. It seems

The Central Board of Secondary Education has also said about the need to reduce the load of school bags, that students of class I or II should not be given homework and in higher classes also, it should be ensured that only necessary books are brought according to the time table. And emphasis should be on teaching through communication technology.

Taking advantage of these ambitions of the parents, in the guise of giving excellent education, the school people are engaged in charging more and more and buy books from the desired publishers and give them to the children or from the same shop by telling the name.
Force you to buy and make a lot of profit. This is a new means of money laundering for the school administrators.

Former NCERT director JS Rajput said in this regard that private schools have got the right to choose their books, but by becoming a good business, it has become a means of exploitation of children. In the race to earn more profit, the schools are making heavy bags of children.

As a suggestion in this regard, recognition of new schools should be stopped and the ratio of one teacher to thirty should be made. But this is not the case even in government schools.
According to the Assocham survey, “Due to the increasing burden of bags, children are facing problems like back pain at a very young age. It has also been reported to have an adverse effect on the development of bones and the body.

To reduce the burden of bags, the process of interviewing in the elementary classes should be stopped after finishing the preschool. Primary school teachers should not only care about the salary but also teach the students. At this stage there should not be any burden of waxwork, children should be allowed to live in a free environment.

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