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6 Nov 2022 · 2 min read


DrLakshman Jha Parimal


Everybody does mistakes in life which gives a lesson to not repeat them again. The children often do it but the seniors always stand by them to rectify their mistakes. They have no idea of anything because they descended on the earth to learn everything. We tell them about good and bad. This is a completely crucial period for the children. They have a curiosity about everything. They never hesitate to ask the seniors like parents and other members of the family.

After childhood, we enter institutions, where our mistakes are checked by teachers. They notice the performances of their students. This is common among the teachers to make them understand them. If they don’t follow and repeat the mistakes, the teachers give poor marks on the final results. They send the remarks to their parents. Physical punishments were given but it is completely banned nowadays. It doesn’t mean that mistakes are overlooked.

We learn the best after making mistakes if we rectify them. Mistakes are done often during the service period also. Sometimes we do wrong in our profession. Here seniors are to check them. They call them and guide them properly. There is a provision to beg pardon from the seniors. These mistakes teach everything steps by step.

The process of learning is related to mistakes. Mistakes are often excused if they are accepted by the individual. But the personal attack, betrayal, and cheating are never counted as mistakes. It is an act of indiscipline. If someone would hack your account, could you pardon him? No, never. It is ultimately a case of betrayal. It is not excusable. Suppose I am composing the poem and somebody got published or posted my poem in his name, could I overlook it? It is called cheating. The opinion may differ but the personal attack can’t be counted as a mistake.

So, we should be very clear about mistakes and the act of BETRAYAL, CHEATING, and PERSONAL ATTACK. The errors can be overlooked but the act of betrayal, cheating, and personal attack can’t be diminished from the mind. We are living in the age of social media. Everybody has the right to spread their opinion but whether they are seniors or juniors they have no right to BETRAYING, cheat, or personally attack.


DrLakshman Jha Parimal

Sound Health Clinic

S. P. College Road





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