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Aug 28, 2021 · 2 min read


With the sound of the morning alarm, a time table for the whole day would pass in front of his eyes. Soon after putting the work down, taking the orders of the old mother, she used to stand her tempo at the main square of the city, there were more tempos standing here but the woman was equal to the nose of the tempo, some eyes staring from the middle of these rickshaw came on her face. A trembling would spread in his body. She shrinks. She was compelled to think that why did God not remove the distinction between man and woman, which makes her staring eyes of people cross.

Covering herself from head to toe, she was engrossed in her work, stopped at every red light, she had to face the traffic police too, this police also harass the poor and stops speaking in front of the rich.

Despite being married, she had to take this decision to help her husband, who was a tempo driver, used to park the tempo at the main railway station of the city. She used to give only three rupees instead of five and go ahead.

This goes on day by day, after returning home in the evening, taking care of daughter and son and helping hand in hand with mother-in-law, sleep with tired children at night. In fact, even the crisis of bread is strange, it makes everything happen. From morning till evening, it was the way of life here to dust the city squares, to sit and unload the rides and to meet the dogs sitting somewhere in the form of men.

Once his tempo did not come out for several days, then his daily ride was one of those who used to go to the office from his tampo suddenly started thinking about him that “what happened that he does not see” but due to lack of knowledge Couldn’t even find it.

Tampowali’s body had become very weak due to illness, one day when he was going to visit a friend, he saw the same tempo standing on which he often used to sit and go to the office.

When she reached home after finding out, her mother came out, “Babu kite se aaye ho aaye ki kisse hai” (Babu kite se aaye ho aur kisse hai koye hain) When he inquired about the tempo wali, he came to know that he is ill and due to lack of money, the treatment could not be done.

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