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Jun 8, 2021 · 3 min read


Anger is the rebellion nature of the brain against the state of patience, which stops the mental faculties to zero level of thinking of repercussions of action taken during its course of commitment , and the negative adrenaline flows through its veins which is detrimental to well being being mentally and physically.
Therefore , control of emotional outburst is necessary which may be difficult in the beginning but not impossible , provided a determined effort is made to overcome this problem.
There are various factor associated with this nature of emotion , such as instigation ,insult ,oppression , supression of thoughts , undermining the authority and status , mocking, brooding revenge , long pending grievances , preconceived notions, negative feelings , physical abuse , atrocious attitude and behaviour, mental torture , and emotional blackmail ,etc.
There are certain other lesser known factors also associated with this , such as upbringing of an individual from childhood by parents and their behaviour , and the child’s upbringing environment and peer circles, which greatly determine the reaction of a child in a particular situation.
There may also be certain genetic factors in a child inherited from his parents in form of genes ; which trigger such emotions.
There are certain vices, habitual indulgence in which permanently degenerate mental faculties to the extent of losing self control and restraint under provocative situations .
These habitual vices are alcohol ,drugs, gambling ,betting and overindulgence in gaming and gossiping ,etc.
Therefore , control of this emotion is necessary for every individual , which has it’s harmful repercussions.
Inorder to control emotions , it is necessary for an individual to introspect self and keep himself away from negative thoughts and pondering over the past happenings.
A good mental and physical condition helps him in maintaining self restraint against immediate reaction.
Mental peace may be achieved through various methods like meditation , regular physical exercise , inculcating habit of morning walks , engaging in healthy and constructive hobbies like art , music , literature , and healthy thought provoking discussions in organised forums , innovative conceptual thinking , engaging in technical pursuit and research , developing quest for knowledge and interest in learning process, social help, interest in cooking and achieving culinary skills , dress designing and tailoring.
Here , there is a point to mention that any insult /showdown/ action of undermining one’s position , should be aptly responded in a cool manner diplomatically Sans expression of anger , to pass on the message of intolerance again such behaviour , keeping intact the self respect and dignity in social setup,
so that such behaviour is not repeated in future.
There are few tips to avoid the situation which trigger the emotions to the state of anger :
1. When such situation arise try to avoid further of arguments , and try to keep calm counting one to hundred inorder to divert the attention of negative emotion reverting back in the form of anger
Any protest against the behaviour to be made in a cool manner; after a pause of calm , which will build the strength of self control of anger in the long run.
2. Do not pick up arguments with the people who are not intellectually mature and behave in absurd manner when losing ground on mutual discussions.
You cannot change inherent qualities and values of an individual who is surrounded by his ego of superiority over others and not amenable to acceptance of his faults.
3. Leave the place on pretext of some important work to avoid the situation to further deteriorate , and forget the episode for your mental peace and well being.
4. Practise self introspection and meditational methods , and mental deviation methods of engaging in hobbies like listening music , singing , writing thoughts , exercise and sports , playing games , walking , long drive , watching TV/ movies in theatre to provide relief to the mental faculties without ponderring on the unpleasant happenings.
5. Visiting some nearby garden / park/temple/church/shopping mall,etc which may help you in avoiding negative thoughts.
6. Playing with kids is the best relaxation technique.
7. Internet surfing playing computer games ,chats and sharing important messages with friends’ circle , and blogging on to favourite sites may also be some healthy options.

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