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Ambition of Life – How to achieve (An essay)

Ambition of Life – How to achieve (An essay)

Introduction: – Aim means goal, target, destination which give purpose and means, direction to life to achieve. Aimless life is a life like a boat without an oar. Aim of life settles a life in an appropriate manner. It brings in life discipline, sincereness, dedication, hardworking attitude in a person. Aimless man becomes a mere creature of circumstances who fights at every step, every stage of life and never succeed. He goes astray in life. His life ends in a fiasco means a complete failure situation. Therefore it is important for a man to have some definite goal in life. Aimless life can’t enlighten the future. Aimless life is a life where a person swims without wings means without goals and never reaches the destination.
Aim of a life should be right one. It should not harm others means one should move along the right path, so that others may not be hurt. A wrong aim of life ruins the life of a man. All his efforts move in vain. He very simply wastes his valuable time and energy and proves fruitless efforts. Aim of life must be set by a man in his very early age of life. Selection of an aim depends upon the choice and tastes and inclination of a person. If one finds himself incapable to decide t he aim, may take help of the wise persons or may consult with the experts known as counsellors.
Selection of aim depends upon the nature and subject choice of a person. His interest in a particular area or subject should be the basis for selecting an aim. Different people have different aims as per their choice and interest. Some want to become businessmen who always have plenty of everything. Life of a businessman is one of ease and pleasure. Some wishes to be doctor or engineer, because they feel there is status, name and fame in therein the society. Some others aspire to become PCS officers or IAS because they want to enjoy power and authority. Nature of aim brings nature of work or duty and off course facilities also. While deciding an aim one should see the level of stress which one may feel during working hours. To make life full of joy and happiness one may cope with the financial matters. Little less money, if brings happiness in your life will be much better, than of a stressful life, with lots of money. As we all know that money cannot bring happiness in life.

How to achieve aim:-
To achieve aim with ease, one should lay emphasis on the followings:-
1. Plan according to your aim
2. Observe the financial implications before deciding the aim
3. Discuss about goal with the experts or counsellors
4. Make your knowledge area broader and be multidimensional personality.
5. Be confident during your efforts
6. Avoid barriers , social and friendly
7. Keep self healthy in both aspects –Physically and mentally
8. Be self-reliance, do not depend upon others much
9. Learn the key factors of success
10. Be contemporary to the world
11. If required , take help of your friends and others
12. Need not be over confident
13. Have patience all time
14. Have touch with latest technologies
15. Keep yourself update
16. Focus all time on your aim
17. Do not be so over ambitious
18. Do not go with short cuts
19. Be polite and calm
20. Increase the resources which may help you reach goal

Aimful life brings the followings in life:-
1. Ease achievements
2. Disciplined life
3. Sincere efforts
4. Respect in the society
5. Happiness in life
6. Self-respect
7. Rewards
8. Making self the role model for others
9. Creating a large number of followers
10. Always bring joyful moments in life

By going through the said points we may conclude that Aimful life plays an important role not only for self but also for others as motivational point of view. Life becomes settled, achievements go easier, brings so many positives in life.

Be cautious about your future, decide your aim , plan , act accordingly and success will be in your fate.

Thanks for reading this essay

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