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Jul 27, 2021 · 3 min read

A Miraculous Miracle. DESTINY IS DESTINED.

A Miraculous Miracle.

After reaching Chennai from Kanyakumari and Celibrating the birthday of my nephew on 24th, I had my railway reservation to leave for Delhi on 27th and stay at my cousin brothers at Noida.

But got massage that younger brother of cousin brother had expired in U.K., so they are leaving to attend the last rite. I posted my condolences.

Now I was in fix where to stay. My daughter & son in law has already shifted to Mumbai from Ghaziabad ; Ofcourse I have many friends and many relative, but didn’t wanted to bother them.

So 25th July 2018 at Chennai became most DECIDING DAY as to where to LIVE.

Whole day I kept myself busy hunting on Google A Pocket friendly eccomical PG. But all were on higher side. At about 10 PM luck favored and I got a PG in Ghaziabad, that suitated me as my purpose of visit place to conclude some impotant work was near about.

And I called at 10.25 PM, hoping beyond hope, that my call will be responded & WOW! it did.

Gentleman responded was the Owner of PG Advocate Amarjeet Singh. He confirmed the Charges included furnished bed, A table/Chair & Almaira, Fan, Lights power charges. I asked the location and direction to reach. Told him I am Snr-Citizens aged 78 and it will be quite Problematic for me to reach; he made it simple and adviced me to reach from New Delhi to Vaishali Metro Station and he will pick me up.

By 11PM, my staying arrangements at Ghaziabad was settled and I breathed with ease and slept calmly.

27th Evening took the train from Channai and reached New Delhi on 29th July 2018 at 7AM. Went to New Delhi Metro Station and boarded Metro for Vaishali, had to take connecting Metro at Rajiv Chowk. Reached Vaishali by 9.30 AM.

Mr. Amarjeet Singh came himself to pick me up and by 10 AM, I was in PG. My things were placed in Room No.6 on 29th July 2018.

After freshup, I was introduced with parents of Amarjeet very Snr-Citizens. Shri. Raj Singh 90yrs Father & Smt. Sakuntala Devi Mother. Very gental and sober, served me with Tea & Snacks.

Later by near NOON Bhenjee , Amarjeet’s mother served me with delicious lunch. I was embarrassed. For their good hearted hostship.

The PG is at Arthala Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad, at very solus position. All Daily Needs, Veg & Fruit Venders, Medicine, Sweet Shop.. Ah! every thing is Available just with in 100 Metre. And to commute Auto, Bus and Arthala Metro just 150-200 Metres.

Boys are mixed group of age, professionals & students; very helpfull to each other. We enjoy get-to-gathering quite offen.

I be completing 3yrs of most harmonious living together with boys, who regard n respect me.

As of Owners, it was and is an God sent, with full of compassion, ready hand to help & take care. Who takes care of me thoroughly.

Amarjeet Singh Advocate Owner is A gentleman of refined manners and tastes; specifically a man who is distinguished by elegance and correctness and manners.

It will remain with me as a history of my walk of life in gratitude.

May God bless Amerjeet and his family & Ofcourse his parents.

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