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Respected Elder Excellency,
Respected Madam,
My Friend of Heart and,
My Dear Loving Younger!
Regards, JaiHind and Blesses!
The new device has changed everything. It welcomes everyone. The canvas of modern devices is summing up the whole world. We could spread our wings across the horizon. Anybody could be the friend of anyone. There is no discrimination adopted on this page. And it became easy to be connected by sending the Friend’s Request. Similarly, we accept others’ requests and tie the knot of Friendship.
It is well known that this platform is equal for all. We have seniors, contemporary and loving young people to exhibit their interests, hobbies, writings, professional experiences, arts, literature, personal views, etc. And we must regard everyone. If it is needed to comment on their exhibitions, we should not hesitate to pass on. But the care should be taken to write in simple sentences with decency.
Generally, we find that maximum friends are not active. We kept on seeing their photographs on the Facebook Pages only. They may have a problem; they may be busy with other works. So, they opened their account and hide underground. It is completely in vain to try hard to pop out them, but they would never come out. It looks like a joke. Friends are made but don’t know how to maintain a friendship.
Being senior, we hesitate to play an important role. Younger could cultivate various things from seniors. But it is unfortunate that everybody is considering them friends. Google addresses everyone as Facebook Friends. But practically seniors are always seniors. They are to be respected everywhere. People forget to address properly with respect and end with regard. Never address them “HI FRIEND “
We accept that we have a huge battalion of Friends consisting of Seniors, Contemporary, and Young, and hard to be connected with all. But nothing is impossible. When could the warrior Napoleon Bonaparte remember the full name of his soldiers and used to call them by their full name then why don’t we do it to some extend? The writings, corresponding, and throwing the positive comments with respect could unit our hearts.
Your blessing and love are highly appreciated.
Yours sincerely Facebook Friend
Dr. Lakshman Jha” Parimal “
Sound Health Clinic
Doctor’s Lane
25. 11. 2021.

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